The Doctors TV Show Investigates Dental Amalgam

What to say when your patients ask you about dental amalgam fillings

lunes, 7 de enero de 2013

Your patients may ask you about dental amalgam fillings due to a segment that aired on January 3rd on "The Doctors", a syndicated television program featuring physician hosts who discuss health matters with a studio audience. The episode included a woman who claimed that her neurological problems dissipated after she had her amalgam fillings removed as well as an osteopathic physician and a PhD who agreed with her claims. The segment was fair and balanced due in large part to the excellent interview given by Dr. Edmond Hewlett, one of the ADA's consumer advisor spokespersons and a UCLA professor.

The segment also reported that the Food and Drug Administration and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society do not believe there is a link between dental amalgam and MS based on available scientific evidence.

The ADA began working with The Doctors on this episode in November providing extensive background information, replying to specific questions and coordinating the interview with Dr. Hewlett. Working with the media proactively is essential to ensuring that the ADA's voice is heard and that our leadership as America's leading advocate for oral health is unquestioned.

Should your patients ask you about amalgam fillings, consider the following points:

  • Amalgam has been used for generations to help save decayed teeth in more than 100 million Americans.
  • Amalgam has been thoroughly studied, and no properly designed research studies have linked dental amalgam to serious health problems.
  • (If appropriate) I have amalgam fillings in my mouth.
  • An amalgam filling is just one of a variety of dental filling options available to you. Let's talk about what's best for you.

For more information, please read the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs statement about dental amalgam.

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